嗨,大家好,你们报价的时候,有没有客户说“your price is too high ”呢?









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Dear XX,

Pls check attached PI for your reference, quoted FOB price already, if load container in our province, no need to pay extra cost.

Pls note we will come back to work on 25th Feb, 2019, delivery day will be 30-35 days after received payment, it means delivery day will be arround end of March 2019.

We changed materials, this making can assure two years guarantee, and also if you need help, I will help for loading the container for other suppliers goods same as before, and no need extra cost.



Hi dear, 

Please find the attached our price we order from you, my boss not accept then those price, Please double check and send me back for order

All the best


Dear XX,

Well got your file and well understand your feelings, as you know, our price already kept almost same since 2015, now it is year 2019.

1. After 2016, government checked the environment protection every month, our lamps painting cost and packing cost all increased many times. Because painting color and boxes are related to environmental protection.

2. the labor cost in China increased much these two years, their basic salary is more than USD650 per month now.

3. as you remember, every time we will help for combine the container, we will contact all suppliers freely.

4. the price here are included FOB cost in our province, no matter you load container in which city, we will pay the cost, no extra cost for your end.

Anyway, here we attached price with discount for you here, thanks, awaiting for your reply.


Did we order any from this PI?


Dear xx

For this PI, we haven't received any confirmation or payment from your end yet, here we resend PI for your reference.

As per your saying the price is high, and your boss can not agree. Also as per our email before, the old price we kept for your end since 2015, now it is 2019. All costs increased, like labor cost, materials cost, also we need to pay more for the color painting (due to the environmental issues).

Pls talk with your boss, and send us bank slip to start production.



Because I asked you better price, as I explain you before I bought from your company now same items more expensive we are not accept, please double check and send me back final for my order or I will try next factory


Dear xx,

Thanks for your feedback, actually, in last PI, price already updated, pls check.

1. We also want to get better quality in better price, you can also try new factory, but will need more time to communicate and confirm, right?

2. Also, as per container, we help for combine and contact each factory, without any cost. We support you this service as you trust and support us as well.

3. All materials need to purchase one by one, as QTY for materials suppliers are not big, we can not get discount.

Now it is the busy season, if the price is ok, pls confirm payment. Thanks.


If are you not change Sorry we are not accept.


Please check this PI, and send me back with the new date, for the order.




Hi xx,

Please check attached PI for your reference. Will help you arrange loading containers with other suppliers as usual.

1. delivery date: 35-40 days after received deposit.

2. Due to old account can not be used after June 3rd, we attached announcement and PI with new account information here. Please note company name and account number is different.

3. Maybe your other suppliers will also need to change account, because HSBC checked all companies one by one, asking each company provide lots of documents, one of our clients can not provide, so our account stopped by HSBC after June 3rd. Also attached a photo of message from HSBC by stop using old account inform.

4. For your safe, I will send you announcement and PI on whatsapp or skype later today.

5. The important thing is please stamp the PI and send back to us, we need to provide this to bank to get RMB exchange. New rule for Chinese bank.

Thanks, take care.


Some reason problem but yesterday they did again the wire transfer, Please find the attached wire transfer copy

When did you get the payment ,please let me know. Sorry for the delay. Waiting asap our order the send …

All the best


• 涨价的理由证据要充分

• 所有的还价砍价,都要表明能理解他们,但也要说明我们的原因。

• 邮件内容多的时候,分1,2,3写。

• 如果更换了银行帐号,一定要在多个渠道告知客户(邮件,skype, whatsapp, wechat等)

• 你要很了解你的客户,他要的是价格还是质量。因为我这个客户一再强调质量,并且我知道这个客户的供应商配合度极低,他在别人那里得不到这种配合和服务。

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